The Recliner

Although technically Brenda died at the age of 65, she had effectively stopped living about 20 years earlier. Brenda and Arthur had been high school sweethearts and their early marriage had followed the same course as most; through the giddy heights of youthful infatuation, on to the comfortable companionship of middle age, before finally settling … Continue reading The Recliner

Liar’s Bar

A kind simile would be - ‘like bees around honey’. An accurate simile would be -  ‘like flies around a dog turd.’ The dog turd is my friend Zack*. The flies are the scantily clad, perfume soaked nymphets currently swarming around him. Every weekend it’s the same. Zack the mild mannered quantity surveyor is transformed … Continue reading Liar’s Bar

The Anti-Nuisance League

At the time of writing, the Anti-Nuisance League consists of around 5000 members. Members are like-minded, committed, and dynamic individuals who offer a variety of services and resources to achieve a common goal. We have members in every corner of the country and every sphere of society. Doctors, cops, truck drivers, pilots, lawyers – we … Continue reading The Anti-Nuisance League

Yours truly, Billy Idol.

Dear Abby,It’s me again.Quite a bit has happened since we last spoke. After we decided.In the room, I’ve read about it. The old woman gave me an iPad, and I learned how to Google things and ask questions. What I needed was a thing called a ‘Cleft Lip and Nasal Reconstruction’.That procedure could’ve corrected the … Continue reading Yours truly, Billy Idol.

A Broken Frame

Fiona leaned forward into the bathroom mirror and bared her teeth to check for bits of food and lipstick stains. Under the harsh bathroom lights, she looked like a dog growling at its own reflection. The mascara pencil beauty spot she had applied to the crease of her cheek was slightly too big. She stepped … Continue reading A Broken Frame